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5 Blade Replacement Cartridge - Blue Shave Club
5-Blade Replacement Cartridge Supply by Blue Shave Club
Looking for ways to remove your unruly, unwanted hair in your armpits, face, legs, or back without harming your sensitive skin? Get your razor at Blue Shave Club and do not forget to subscribe to our monthly delivery of 5-blade replacement cartridge supply to tackle your hair with precision and care. Blue Shave Club’s stainless steel blades have a 5 precision cut. It is excellent for those with longer and thicker hair. Aside from its sharp and precision blades, it is also very easy to rinse and clean. It has a slim profile which works well for spots that are harder to shave and has a lubricating strip to protect your skin from any damage. Subscribe to a monthly 5-blade replacement cartridge supply from Blue Shave Club today!
Blue Shave Club Starter Razor - Blue Shave Club Blue Shave Club Starter Razor - Blue Shave Club
Blue Shave Club Starter Razor
Blue Shave Club Starter Razor Try our razor before committing to a subscription. Our Best handle, featuring a weighted core and textured rubber grip. One Swiss-engineered 5-blade razor cartridge with a flex hinge and lubricating strip with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Our blades are designed for A smooth shave. Note: This is 1 (one) razor handle and 1 (one) blade only, and does not come with replacement blades. Picture is for illustration purposes only
Badger Shaving Brush - Blue Shave Club
Badger Shaving Brush
Badger Shaving Brush Known for its softness and high-water absorption, Blue Shave Club Best Badger Bristle Shaving Brush generates a luxurious lather.  FEATURES Soft bristles High-water retention Hourglass shaped handle Firm grip and comfort during use Gentle on skin  MATERIALS Knot: Best Badger Bristles Handle: Acrylic
Dual Tooth Stainless Comb Parting Tip - Blue Shave Club
Dual Tooth Stainless Comb Parting Tip
Dual Tooth Stainless Comb Parting Tip Comb it and part it with our revolutionary design. Our combs are machine cut and polished by hand. Each is made through a 9 stage polishing process; supplied with mirror finish teeth and edges. Stainless combs remove static from hair. They clean up very well. Teeth don't break and you can push them to extremes combing thick and knotted hair.    TOP QUALITY American Stainless Hair Comb  Mirror Finish Teeth for smooth glide  Comb out knots with large tooth spacing  Style with same comb - dual purpose!  Easily clean your comb with hot water  Teeth won’t break unlike plastic combs  Will last you a lifetime and pass it down generations Imperial = 7.6in x 1.5in / Metric = 193 x 38
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Great product for a fair price.

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Awesome Beard Oil, and the Beard Comb is Sick!

Ken Kerr, Bering Sea Gold

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