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Shaving is an investment. Every man knows this. Not only does a good shave make you look like new, it also boosts your confidence. And like every other investments, things can go awfully wrong.
There are so many avoidable mistakes men make today while shaving. But that doesn’t have to be you. In this article, we will be taking a quick look at 5 common mistakes we see men making, and how you can avoid them.

The Wrong Tools

The worst mistake you can make when shaving is using the wrong tools. Not only do you cut and burn yourself, you are exposing your skin to further irritation and rashes.
Take a good look at your shaving tools. Are your razors old? This is not where you pinch pennies. Remember it is an investment. Old and blunt razor blades must go. A lot of time, men buy the cheapest razors they can find and the result is usually terrible. Make sure you are getting the appropriate tools to avoid these situations.

Terrible Preparation

Even with the right tools, you can’t just jump into shaving. For smooth shaving, you have to prepare. Many men get into the shower and shave while bathing with cold water. Please, stop this. Cold water is terrible for shaving.
Instead, opt for a hot towel. This helps you soften your skin and hair. What more, it opens your pores, making it easier to shave off the hair. And preparing a hot towel is super easy. Just microwave a towel for about 30 seconds and place it on your face for one or two minutes. That’s all. You can also use hot shower if you are in a hurry.

Rushing Through The Process

Yes, you are in a hurry. But don’t complicate issues in your haste. One of the mistakes men make is shaving fast and mindlessly. Instead carefully apply your lubrication cream. You can use a shaving brush to create lather.
When shaving, be deliberate and pay attention. Pull your skin tight and move the shaving stick deliberately while doing the task.

Shaving Against The Grain

Every hair is different. You need to study your hair to know the direction of its growth. Understand that different areas of your face might have hair growing in different directions. But why is this important? Because it helps prevent irritation.
Some men love to shave against the grain to get a closer shave, and there is a way around that. Ideally, you should shave with the grain. That is, in the direction of your hair growth. This is the easiest path on the skin. If you have more time for step two and three, after shaving with the grain, shave across the grain, and only then, against the grain.

No After-Shave Routine

A good shaving session isn’t complete without a good after-shave routine. And it doesn’t take long at all. Yet, a lot of men ignore this. This is why so many men keep getting redness and rashes all the time.
Because of the moisture taken off your face by the hot towel, hot water, and the razor, make sure you moisturize your face afterwards. A good moisturizer or after-shave balm should do just fine.
Remember, many of the shaving mistakes men make daily are totally avoidable and they don’t take long to fix either. Shave right, enjoy all the good benefits of shaving, and bring your confidence back.