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Every man has seen it. The perfect beard on the perfect man, as he majestically crosses the street in his suit. You know that feeling. You want that kind of beard. But looking in the mirror, you start wondering if this can ever happen for you.
Not to worry. You are not without hope. How about we show you how to maintain your beard like a boss? Here is a quick rundown on what to do to make your beard come alive and look in the best shape ever (yeah, pun intended).

Eat Healthy

Not exactly what you expected first, but this is incredibly crucial to the growth of your beard. A healthy diet isn’t just good for your skin and bones. It is paramount to the health of your beard hair.
Your diet affects how well your beard grows and looks. Make sure to eat lots of foods rich in protein, saturated fats, and Omega-3. And what is a good beard without your vitamins? You should stock up on your daily intake of vitamins, especially B3, B5, and B9.

Wash Frequently

Throughout the daily grind, your beard becomes some sort of towel, accumulating things from oil, dirt, and sweat to even more gross things like food crumbs and sneeze. Needless to say, your beard becomes the perfect breeding ground for some unwholesome organisms.
And that is why you should wash frequently, two to three times weekly. A good shampoo is a great investment. It will help keep your beard looking good, feeling healthy, and smelling great.

Feed Your Beard

While your diet feeds your beard from the inside, you should also be feeding it from the exterior. You do this by daily moisturizing and conditioning your beard. This is how you keep it healthy and shiny.
Get a beard oil. Bonus points if it has essential oils and natural extracts as ingredients. When applying the beard oil, apply a little unto your palms. Rub and spread them evenly. Then, massage the oil into the base and root of your beard before evenly working it down the length of your beard.

Keep Your Beard Trimmed Evenly

Nature is imperfect, and so is your beard. It is impossible for your beard hairs to grow out evenly. That’s why you should trim it regularly with a pair of scissors. When trimming, pay attention to uneven patches. Also remember to snip off those stray loose and split ends.
Shape as you please, without neglecting the natural contour of your face. While at it, shave your neckline. It makes your beard look a lot tidier.

Choose The Right Beard Style

Not all beard styles work for everyone. The shape of your face plays a great role in what kind of beard style will look good on you. This is when it is wise to talk to your barber. He probably knows your face better than you do. Another thing to consider when choosing your beard style is the length of your beard.
The right beard style goes beyond the shape, though. Direction matters as well. Work on combing and brushing your beard to the right style you want. An additional benefit of daily combing and brushing your beard is that it helps train your beard hairs to grow downwards.
You can totally rock your hair like a boss. You will need patience and consistency, but it is absolutely worth it. Stick to the plan, trust the process, and your beard will thank you for it.