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If you are a man with facial hair, shaving is a ritual you have to deal with. It doesn’t matter if your beard is like a forest or just three strands. You’ve gotta shave. On one hand, shaving can be an annoying task. On the other hand, the reward is that you look sharp and smooth.
One big problem, though. If you are not careful, you could end up rougher than before you shaved. And the culprit? Razor bumps. .Razor bumps have been the death of many men’s shaving routine. In case you’ve been worrying about yours, all hope is not lost.
Let’s do this. We will go through some tips to help you clear out those annoying razor bumps and get your smooth face again. Deal? Let’s go!

What In The World Causes Razor Bumps?

I mean, isn’t that the right place to start? To cure the problem, it is good to understand why it keeps occurring. You see, when you shave, you are basically scraping off the top visible hair outside your skin. But that is not all. The top layer of your skin also goes with the hair.
The results are hairs chopped at the base, trying to grow out again. Also, since you took out a layer of your skin, you’ve basically micro-injured yourself. That’s why you feel this sharp burn when you use an aftershave with alcohol in it.
Now, the shaved hair, while trying to grow out, may miss the pore and start growing inside. The resulting in-grown hair gets irritating for the skin, making it become inflamed. And that’s how razor bumps happen.
Now, let’s discuss how to get rid of the annoying little things.

Stop Shaving

If you notice razor bump developing on your face, suspend shaving for a couple of days. Your skin is most likely irritated already and needs a well-deserved rest. Also, trying to shave over the razor bumps could make them spread and worsen.

Replace Razor Blades

Another problem could be your razor blades. First, they’re probably old and blunt. Blunt blades do more harm to your face than good. You should replace your blades regularly. Also, the more you shave, the more germs your blade gets exposed to. This is one of the shaving mistakes people make.

Apply Warm Towel Or Washcloth

Applying warm towel or washcloth to your face for about 10 minutes can help you calm your skin, kill bacteria, and even draw out the ingrown hair. In fact, if you’re lucky and can see some part of the ingrown hair after warming up the surface, you can use a pair of tweezers to pull it out.


With the help of acids like salicylic acid and glycolic acid, you get to peel off old and damaged skin cells. Even further, it can help clean your pores, making it easier for the ingrown hair to find its way out.

Apply Healing Products

First, get an aftershave. It is in the name. You should apply an aftershave immediately after you shave. In addition hydrocortisone creams can help you quickly ease irritation and treat your razor bump. For the natural-lovers, Aloe Vera is a natural healer and a good bet. These creams and gels also moisturize your skin surface, an important step in getting rid of your razor bumps for good.
Your face can be smooth and fresh. But you have to stick to the tips. The good thing about our skin is its regenerative properties. Fix yourself back up and rock your beard like a god.