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Razor bumps aren’t Thanos. So, they are not inevitable. Many men associate shaving with razor bumps. To the, it is almost impossible to have a smooth face after shaving. If you are one of them, today is the day you destroy that belief.

Granted, millions of men complain about their razor bumps and how hard it is to deal with them. But this is because these men do not understand how to prevent razor bumps. There are good practices that will keep your face smooth all day long. You just have to know them and follow them.

In this article, we will cover how to prevent razor bumps from attacking your smooth face. In case, you’re already going through that, here’s our guide to getting rid of razor bumps fast. For the prevention guide, let’s move on.



Why Do Razor Bumps Form?

Razor bumps form as a result of two things. First, the constant irritation to the skin and peeling away of the top layer of the skin when shaving, usually leading to what we call microinjuries.

The second factor is the shaven hair failing to find its way out through the pores when trying to grow out again, leading to ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is even more common among people with curly hair, like the Black People.

When these factors are left unattended to, they become razor bumps. Now that we know the causes, let’s arrest them before they become culprits.

Here’s how to keep razor bumps at bay.



Say No To Close Shaving

One of the best ways to prevent ingrown hair is to not shave too close. Think about it – razor bumps occur when the hair can’t find its way out through the pores. So, how would it miss its way if you don’t shave it too low, uh? Keeping at least a stubble will help keep your hair out no matter what, thereby cutting down the risk of developing razor bumps.



Tend To The Wounds

Like we said earlier, shaving involves peeling away the top layer of the skin. These microinjuries, just like any other wound, has to be treated. Make sure to wash your face with soap and disinfect it with aftershave. This will help prevent any infection that may further aggravate the irritation on your skin.



Keep Your Razor Fresh And Sharp

Do you want your face to be fresh and sharp? Well, why not start with your razor. Too many men pinch pennies when buying razor. They see razors as extravagant spending instead of the really great investment that they are. That’s why they pay for their mistake with expensive razor bump treatments later.

Write this down: Thou shalt not use an old, dull, or blunt razor on your face.



Moisturize Moisturize, Moisturize

Shaving isn’t very easy on your skin. This is why you should pamper it in return. Apply a good moisturizer to your face after shaving. Even beyond shaving, get a beard oil and balm. When applying these, make sure to massage them to the base of your hair and skin underneath.

You see, your skin needs care pampering, your face even more so. There is no reason to dread shaving when you follow the good practices laid down in this article. If anything, you should look forward to it.