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Drip is eternal. So, why do most men look so dry and flaky during winter? Remember, winter is upon us at last and it isn’t exactly the most skin-friendly weather. There is no better time to re-evaluate your skincare strategy than now. True, this weather can be harsh on the skin. However, that shouldn’t stop you from glowing.
In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the ways through which you can stay in your A-Game, keep your skin looking fresh and well taken care of, even when the weather isn’t exactly friendly. Let’s dive right in.


I mean, you should see this coming. If your skin dries up faster during the winter, you should up your moisturizing game. If you haven’t been moisturizing in the past, what a perfect time to start! If you have been using water-based moisturizers, this is the time to switch to oil-based moisturizers. This is to help counter the rate at which your skin dries up.

Avoid Long Baths

Without a doubt, baths are wonderful for the skin. The cleansing benefits will do your body a lot of good. The thing, though, is that you don’t just wash off dirt. You also wash off natural oil produced by your body. In warmer seasons, this is fine. But in winters, you want to keep your bath shorter.
Reduce long baths, especially with hot water, so that your body can retain the beneficial natural oil during this season.

Protect Your Lips

Ah yes, the season of chapped lips! Don’t let them be yours this winter. Invest in a moisturizing lip balm. Usually they are made from petroleum jelly which is perfect for sealing moisture in, while keeping the effects of the harsh weather out. Plus they keeps your lips glowing and inviting. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

Apply Sunscreen

Do you know that snow is super reflective? No, you can’t use it as a mirror, but the sun sure can. That means, you are at a greater risk of skin damages from the sun. Even on darker, gloomier winter days, don’t be fooled. The rays from the sun still penetrates the cloud and affects your skin. This is why you should keep the sunscreen on.
By the way, staying indoors doesn’t completely keep you safe from the sun rays. I’m talking to you, Thomas. Use that sunscreen, please.

Eat Water, Drink Water

We’ve been talking a lot about moisturizing from outside. How about from inside? Yes, that’s where food comes in. This winter, eat more food with high liquid content. And wash it down with a lot of water. Winter can be tough on organs, but good meal is always good medicine.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

When choosing your clothing this season, don’t wear rough clothes too close to your skin. This is the beauty of layering. For example, you can start with light and skin-friendly materials like cotton. You can then throw in heavier stuff to keep the cold out. This is good for the skin and prevents itching.
Remember, as the weather changes, so do your skin needs. We need to adjust per season if we want to stay in top condition and keep our skin silky at all times. With the tips above, we wish you a fun winter. Have all the fun!