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Looking good is good business. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a state meeting or a romantic date, your appearance dictates how you are perceived. But there is a problem. Most men don’t take care of their skin, especially their face. There is a misconception that skincare isn’t manly.
Well, let me shock you. Even the manliest of men need to take care of their body. As for your face, it is the first thing anyone sees, even before hearing anything you have to say. That is why we will be looking at a simple morning skincare routine that would keep your face looking so fresh all day long.

Wipe Off The Grime

Skincare is both science and art. And just like any art, you need to prepare the canvas before you start your magic. Well, your face is the canvas here, and it needs cleaning. To effectively get rid of the build-up of oil, dirt, and sweat all through the night, grab a bottle of a facial cleanser and lather up.
When you apply the cleanser, gently massage all over your face. This process goes beyond cleaning the surface and helps clean your pores as well. Clean pores help you control conditions like acne. Also, you appear visibly fresh after a good wash.


Of course, getting rid of dirt and excess oil on your face is very beneficial. However, the process of washing your face also dries out your face and robs it of essential oil necessary for keeping your skin fresh. This is why you moisturize.
If you want your skin to radiating, you need to keep it hydrated. Moisturizing helps you restore needed moisture to your face, keeping it smooth and youthful.

Eye Cream

Do you know that the skin surrounding your eyes are tenderer than those on the rest of your face? Getting a good dedicated eye cream or eye balm can help you keep it looking refreshed. This is even more so for men who get this puffiness around their eyes.
If you keep having eye bags and dark circles around your eyes, you should consider getting an eye cream. This can help you look less tired and more refreshed

Lip Balm

Let’s face the truth; most men don’t do much when it comes to taking care of our lips. Some men probably consider dry and chapped lips as a badge of honour. Don’t let this be you. Keeping your lips hydrated will help them heal from all that dryness and soreness while making them look inviting. We could all use a bit of that, couldn’t we? Wink wink…

A Good Dose Of SPF

Our skin takes a beating under the sun every day, even more so for the face. Whether you step out into the sun or not, sunrays emit UVAs, UVBs, and UVCs that may damage your skin and mess with your skin complexion.
After taking care of your face, adding that extra layer of protection in the form of a good sunscreen is the next logical step to take. It will help you reverse the aging effect of time on your face and restore it to its youthful glow.
The beauty of this morning skincare routine is that it doesn’t take all day. In fact, all five steps should take you less than five minutes. This shows that you don’t have to worry about the time investment. Take care of your skin and welcome the morning with a glow.