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5-Blade Replacement Cartridge


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5-Blade Replacement Cartridge

Looking for ways to remove your unruly, unwanted hair in your armpits, face, legs, or back without harming your sensitive skin? Get your razor at Blue Shave Club and do not forget to subscribe to our monthly delivery of a 5-blade replacement cartridge supply to tackle your hair with precision and care. Specially designed lubrication strip reduces friction and shaving irritation. The reusable razor handle and replacement razor blades pivot to shave delicate areas. 

  • Blue Shave Club’s stainless steel blades have a 5 precision cut. It is excellent for those with longer and thicker hair.
  • Aside from its sharp and precise blades, it is also very easy to rinse and clean.
  • It has a slim profile that works well for spots that are harder to shave and has a lubricating strip to protect your skin from any damage.


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