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Beard Boar Brush


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Beard Boar Brush

Beard brush is handmade with natural wooden handle and soft boar bristles, Its unique design allows you to comfortably groom your beard and mustache, removing any dead hair. Detangle your beard, make it more smooth and easy to combing, ensure you receive great results when it comes to shaping, styling and simply grooming your facial hair.

Beard combs for men is easy to set the beard style you want with its easy-to-handle handmade genuine wood head. This classic tool combs your facial hair & stimulates the skin underneath while shaping your beard. By reaching the skin, this barber quality pro hairbrush encourages natural oil distribution to keep your beard feeling and looking healthy.

Our Beard Brush Applies Balm, Cream,, and Oils Far Better Than Synthetic Bristles. Use the Brush to Massage Skin Beneath the Beard and To Help Prevent “Beard-Druff” (Dandruff of the Beard) and Residue For Clean and Stylish Looking Facial Hair.

  • Natural boar bristle beard comb used as beard brush, pocket size is great for carrying and travel conveniently.
  • Beard brush is used as massage tool for your face beard, promotes blood circulation, perfect with beard oil, balm, beard shampoo, and conditioner.
  • Combs is a perfect waylay a beard down with control but a brush will add volume.